When one is learning English grammar, right after nouns and verbs, comes the chapter of adjectives and adverbs. Adjectives are words which help to describe a noun that is, a person, thing, place and so forth. Adverbs similarly, are words used to describe verbs. Though these are basic lessons found in any English grammar book, you may need to brush up your fundamentals if English is not your native tongue, was taught as second language in class and is not a language you use in your studies or in conversations in general. In such cases, for those who opt for English speaking jobs or higher education, need to go through tutorials or course materials which can help them remember the fundamentals of the English language and stress on spoken English skills.

Adjectives are the most commonly used words before or after a noun in a sentence. For instance, A beautiful lady walked past. The red suitcase is standing at the corridor. Here the adjectives are “beautiful” and “red” consecutively which are used to describe the nouns “lady” and “suitcase”.

Adjectives A group of words can also act as an adjective. It is called an adjective clause when a group of words acting as an adjective, has a noun and a verb in it. For instance, my sister, who is much older than I am, has gone abroad. Then again, if a group of words acting as an adjective do not have a noun or verb in it, it is called an adjective phrase- for example, he is the man who is keeping my family alive.

In types of adjectives, degrees of adjectives is also a subject that is much discussed. Degrees are used to signify degree of modification that an adjective does to a noun. For example, She is a rich woman who is richer than other folks in town. The three degrees of adjectives are positive, comparative and superlative. While comparative degree is used to signify comparison between two things and is usually succeeded by “than”, the superlative is signified by using “the” before it. For instance – My sister is bigger than I am. It is the scariest movie I had seen.

Other types of adjectives include order of adjectives, capitalizing proper adjectives, collective adjectives and so forth. The study of adjectives can be detailed or minimal as per the education level requirement in a course. For a course on spoken English, the fundamental uses and types of adjectives needs to be remembered and mastered to frame meaningful sentences.

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