Business English

For those who wish to learn business English, the reasons may be many. Business English consists of words and phrases which are peculiar to any business. In the workplace, we typically use a style of spoken English which is more structured, formal and consists of business terms peculiar to any type of business or management. For instance, those who work in the field of finance, not only need to know the several finance terms that are used in the course of their work, they also need to know how to frame phrases and conversations around them. Also, business correspondence is equally important since work usually involves written correspondence or agreements between various parties.

Like spoken English, business English is also taught for those who do not feel confident to be in a workplace where the language used is English. This is especially true for those whose native tongue is not English and who learn English only as a second language in schools. Thus, children in such countries are not fully conversant in spoken English and need assistance when they go to workplaces where the language of oral and written communication is English.

Business English What does a business English tutorial involve? Initially, such courses will consist of brushing up the fundamentals of the language and the grammar rules. Once that is covered, such tutorials will move on to the main aspect – business English exercises. This will consist of knowing common business terms related to the different disciplines such as finance, marketing, management and so forth. Such terms one will come across while working in an organization no matter what department he or she works in.

From business terms, conversation and written correspondence becomes the agenda of the business English class. These are the main aspects of the course which need to be mastered well. For conversations, common etiquettes, being politically correct, not using certain words which might make one look too casual and informal, terms which might offend one’s superiors and so forth are taught. These terms are further put into conversation styles for students to become familiar with speaking business English. Business English conversation is an important part of such classes since this is the main point that most students will have deficiency in.

Finally, business correspondence rules and etiquettes are discussed and practiced in such classes. Business correspondence plays a major part in any business and knowing how to frame a business letter or email, how to address queries of customers, how to handle conflict situations both written and oral, are vital business English exercises.

Thus, business English class is essential for those who are not confident of their spoken English skills and are about to enter a professional workplace where the language used is English.

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