English Grammar


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Proverbs are common English saying which are metaphorical in nature. These sayings have usually come down in the English language as an influence from other cultures, influences from the Bible and Latin words. English proverbs are an inherent part of the English language. These usually have different meanings which are appropriately used in different situations. […]


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Phonics is a way of teaching how to read and write words based on how they sound. This is a popular way of teaching kindergarten children English reading and writing. Many people assert that this is an efficient way of learning o read and write English, especially for those children who are born native English […]


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Nouns, as per school level definition, are words which signify a person, thing, animal, place or an abstract idea. Accordingly, nouns can be of various forms. Knowledge of nouns, their uses in a sentence, their various forms is how English grammar lessons usually begin. For instance, Michael lives in Paris in an apartment building. In […]

Idioms and Phrases

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Idioms and phrases and their use in the English language is widespread. Those who want to master the English language need to know the various idioms which are commonly used and their meanings. Idioms are usually small phrases of words which do not mean what the words literally mean. The phrase usually, in the light […]

How to Use Punctuations

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The use of punctuation marks is a sign of a properly constructed sentence. Nowadays, in the age of cryptic messaging and internet slangs, we often find misuse or neglect of proper punctuation in sentences. When a school article needs to be submitted or a business proposal needs to be written, one has to be mindful […]

English Pronunciations Tips

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English pronunciations tips are essential for all those who are learning to speak English or are brushing up their English speaking skills. Spoken English tutorials cater to those who need to improve or build their English speaking skills in order to succeed in corporate life, go for higher education abroad, travel to foreign countries and […]

English Grammar

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English grammar is the basis of the English language like it is for any other language. Learning the grammar is required to know a language, to construct sentences, to be able to form phrases and so forth. English is a universal language and it is imperative for most aspiring global students or professionals to learn […]


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When one is learning English grammar, right after nouns and verbs, comes the chapter of adjectives and adverbs. Adjectives are words which help to describe a noun that is, a person, thing, place and so forth. Adverbs similarly, are words used to describe verbs. Though these are basic lessons found in any English grammar book, […]