Conversation Between Family

Conversation between family members is crucial in building up the skill of any language. When one is a child and is learning to speak his or her mother tongue, by hearing family members talk and converse with each other in that language, a child picks up the language accordingly. Which is why, native English people do not need formal school lessons to be taught the spoken English aspect of the language. They hear and speak it at home, in conversation between family members, with friends in the playground or at the park and so forth. Their world is surrounded with the language being spoken, heard and hence, like any other mother tongue, native English speaking people have English in their blood.

When one is learning English, family support is crucial and if one can practice the language with family members, it proves really beneficial in augmenting the spoken English skills. Then again, one’s parents might be educated better in English than the offspring’s who are studying in a different education system, and such parents can help their children augment their spoken English skills by helping them speak the language at home.

Conversation Between Family Conversation between family members practicing spoken English can happen in various ways:

Stress should be on saying everyday things in English – such as:

Mother: Have you brushed your teeth in the morning Ayon?

Ayon: yes, mother.

Father: when do you have to go to school?

Ayon: my school starts in an hour from now.

Thus, basic conversations are best when they are constructed in simple phrases. These are usually easy to construct and say since they do not require prior thinking. With basic English language knowledge, can can make simple conversations at home. Then again, certain topics can be taken up for discussion to augment the vocabulary skills. For instance:

Father: let us talk about the game of chess.

Ayon: how do you play it father?

Father: there are several chess pieces which stand on a board. There is the king, queen….

Thus, in this way, one can speak about different topics and augment one’s vocabulary bin the process.

Families which learn and speak a language together have greater success in picking up the language and speaking it well in no time. Since we spend most of our leisure time with our family members, conversation between family members is important. And one can utilize such forums to speak English which one is learning and augment one’s spoken English skills.


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