Conversation between Friends

Conversation between friends plays a key role in developing the language skills of a child. Since most children spend most of their time with friends, during and even after school hours, friends play an important role in developing one’s oratory skills and helping one master a language.

Though most of the conversation between friends happens in a casual manner involving more often than not, slangs or poorly constructed phrases, it is a big influence on a child’s spoken English skills and the vocabulary that he commonly uses.

Thus, conversation between friends needs to be encouraged as well as monitored. Friends not only can help each other become fluent in spoken English, they can also help each other to build the vocabulary and correct mistakes.

Conversation between Friends For children who are native English speaking, they hold conversation between friends in English quite naturally and discover and use new words, play with words or phrases and so forth. In this way, a strong foundation of spoken English is developed in them.

For those who are not native English speaking and learn English as a second language in schools, parents and teachers should encourage such children to converse in English as well so that the spoken English skills are developed. For children who learn English as a second language while their native mother tongue remains as the first language and medium of instruction, for them, the basic grammar rules and writing skills may develop better than spoken skills. Thus, conversation between friends in spoken English should be encouraged at the early stages to inbuild these skills in them.

For those who study English as a second language and end up not being confident in spoken English, the need arises later in life to become conversant in this skill. This may be due to higher studies in English medium, going to a native English speaking place for higher studies, going for a job interview, working in an MNC workplace and so forth. In such cases, whether you take online or offline classes, you need to converse to build your spoken English skills. Though this is practiced in the spoken English classes, you can augment your skills further by taking advantage of conversation between friends. Those who have friends who are native English speaking or are conversant with English more, can be benefited by conversing with them in English.

Thus, conversation between friends is a great way to better your spoken English skills.


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