English is a Universal Language

English is a universal language since it is the most popular language that is read and understood by majority of countries and is the international language which helps in the exchange of words and ideas on the global forum.

The status of English as a universal language can be related to our world history. As our world history will reveal, from the beginning of civilization, most countries were subservient to the country of Britain and the English had held their foray on Asian countries as well as the American and Australian continents in the beginning. After each country gained their independence, they slowly gained back their regional flavor but English as a language dominated regional linguistics.

English is a universal language is acknowledged by all countries. Even in countries with a strong regional linguistics hold such as China, English is stressed upon as a foreign language especially since it eases the door of communication with the Americans and Europeans who present trade and business opportunities in China as in any other country.

English is a Universal Language Since English is a universal language, there is great demand for learning this language especially in countries where English is not offered as a language option in school levels. For those who wish to study abroad in Europe, Australia or America which present most of the higher education opportunities, knowledge of English is must.

Even for those who do not opt for higher education in foreign countries, for working in a global marketplace or MNCs, it is must for professionals who aspire to move up the corporate ladder, to be fluent in English as a foreign language. Proficiency in English writing and speaking skills is taken for granted in most jobs and it would be impossible for anyone to get through a job interview without exhibiting fluency in spoken English.

Thus, it is a must for all nationals irrespective of country of origin, to be conversant in English language. Traveling abroad or even living and working in one’s own country becomes difficult for educated people who are only educated in regional languages. From shops to malls, schools to institutions, road signs to newspapers, the most popular language that all these are written in is English. English is a universal language in the truest sense of the word and is imperative for all educated people in all countries to be aware of in order to live in today’s global world environment.


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