English Letter Writing

English letter writing is required for many purposes. Nowadays, with the advent of email, the letter writing on paper may have reduced, but the requirements and format of letter writing has just changed the medium. Hence, even if you are writing a business email, you need to follow the etiquettes and standards of a business letter as it would be on paper, with certain exceptions.

English letter writing skills are usually developed during school level education. For those who are not very conversant with English writing skills, they may face problem in formal or structured letter writing. While informal letters to friends do not need to conform to grammar rules as long as the message is conveyed, poor English writing skills will put off the other party especially in cases of business correspondences.

English Letter Writing Business letter writing for instance, can be of various kinds. Different businesses or departments are issuing official letters daily to their employees, to the vendors, customers and so forth. Each type of letter may be different but some ground rules apply to all:

A business letter should have a descriptive headline or in case of an email, a descriptive subject line. The letter or email should be written in small paragraphs in lucid sentences. The beginning of the letter or email should convey the intent of the writer. Then the body of the email or letter can consist of details regarding the subject matter talked about. The conclusion should always be in a positive note. Even if it’s a complaint letters, no slang or derogatory remarks should be made which can later on become as written evidence in case of legal disputes. Difference in opinion or complaint should be stated in factual tone and in a courteous manner.

English letter writing formats for business letters should be kept simple and formal, usually in monotone colors and backgrounds. Attachments should be avoided if not necessary. Also, in case of emails, do not resort to informal signatures or remarks in case of business correspondence.

In case of informal letters, the format does not need to be definite but it helps to structure letters with introduction, body and conclusion parts. In this way, you can give an essence of your ideas and emotions in the beginning, delve deeper into details in the body while you can conclude with endearments and other forms of expressing wishes and thoughts to your friend or loved one.

In case the informal letter is to someone with whom you are corresponding for the first time, you can introduce yourself in the beginning after which you can delve into details as to why you are writing the letter.

Formal or informal English letter writing samples can be downloaded from various websites over the internet.

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