English Pronunciation Skills

English pronunciation skills is something that is essential for learning spoken English. When English is taught in schools, a as a first or second language, along with the theoretical aspects like language and grammar rules, the correct pronunciation also needs to be stressed upon.

Neutral English speaking pronunciation is important which does not have the influence of any regional accent. Many residents of different countries, especially Americans or British have an accent when they pronounce their English words, typical of their native regions. However, with the advent of a global working environment and in the world of outsourcing whereby customer support to Americans is being provided by Indian nationals, it is important to learn English pronunciation correctly so that one can successfully serve different communities.

English Pronunciation Skills Business process outsourcing whereby, certain activities of businesses like providing customer support, technical online support and so on began to be outsourced to cheaper labor in developing countries, brought in the importance of learning spoken English and the importance of English speaking pronunciation.

BPOs in the Asian countries became a big hit, given the cheap labor, the educated masses and people having knowledge of English language. Americans, British and other foreign countries who set up BPOs in a country like India had access to English educated people who were willing to work shifts, had a basic high school or graduation level education which enabled them to grasp the technical nuances of their work easily. The only hurdle that these foreign companies needed to overcome was teaching the correct English pronunciation so that their customers did not realize that they were speaking to a non native individual. Thus, these BPOs started to provide training not only in the basics of English, spoken English but also English speaking pronunciation accented as per the region the employees would be serving over telephone lines or internet connections.

Nowadays, various pronunciation skill development packages are available over the internet. With audio programs, these aim to help one or assist teachers in teaching the correct pronunciation. Phonemic chart and applications for laptops or mobile devices help students learn, practice as well as play with pronunciation wherever they are. Then again, there are classroom assistance tools and exercises available over the internet which help teachers to create pronunciation exercises for students. With podcasts also available, one can listen in and learn from repeating the sounds to learn English pronunciation.

Thus, English speaking pronunciation is important, both in certain professions such as BPOs or for students who aspire for higher studies or for working professionals who aspire to work in global companies. Nowadays, spoken English skill is a must and the correct English pronunciation will take you a long way in showing your competence in the language.

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