English Pronunciations Tips

English pronunciations tips are essential for all those who are learning to speak English or are brushing up their English speaking skills. Spoken English tutorials cater to those who need to improve or build their English speaking skills in order to succeed in corporate life, go for higher education abroad, travel to foreign countries and so on.

Residents of countries which are not native English speaking, usually have inadequate spoken English skills. Opposed to those who are native English speakers, who are surrounded by English speaking people, those in other countries are more conversant in their native tongues and regional languages which are more prevalent than the English language. However, English being a global language, nowadays, almost residents of all countries need to learn English and be conversant in English speaking.

English Pronunciations Tips Learning the correct English pronunciation to be able to speak English fluently, here are some tips given below which you need to keep in mind:

While learning pronunciation of English words remember that the way they are read is not always the way they are pronounced. For instance, “threw” and through” are pronounced same but written differently. Same cluster of letters in two words can be pronounced differently. For instance, “ough” in “though” is pronounced differently than “through”.

Concentrate on the sound of words than on their spellings. When you learn to pronounce a word, follow how the instructor says the word and the movement of his or her mouth and pauses in between if any. Imagine how you would say a word in your mind before you say it.

Listen to English speaking media; listen to how the words are pronounced. Follow English news on channels like BBC; follow closely how the words are formed by the mouths of the reporters.

Try to learn the correct pronunciation of a word and take your time to pronounce it correctly. Avoid picking up regional accents in your pronunciation which will only make your speech unclear to others. Clear pronunciation is a must for effective communication.

Finally, as is stressed in any spoken English tutorial, the only way to perfect your pronunciation is by practicing. You need to run through exercises everyday on pronunciation; if attending a live class, interaction with fellow students or instructor in the form of structured conversations will help you greatly to develop your English pronunciation.

You can take advantage of several free online materials which can help you in English pronunciation and provide English pronunciation tips.

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