English Reading

English reading is one the four skills that one needs to develop when learning the English language. Just like any other language, to learn a language comprehensively, you need to develop reading comprehension. Only through reading various types of texts, fiction and factual materials does one strengthen one’s vocabulary, understand sentence construction, the use of words and phrases and develop writing skills as well.

Next to listening and speaking, English reading is the third skill that one needs to master while learning the language. For those who have enrolled in English classes will soon find that, to learn English reading, you need to have a concrete approach. For instance, when one is reading for the purpose of learning the language, each reading session could be an exercise in understanding a certain aspect of the English grammar. Fro instance, reading English material with the purpose of identifying nouns, the different types of verbs, adjectives and so on.

English Reading Then again, learning new words. This can be another objective of a structured English reading session. As one comes across new words, one can pause to look up the meaning of that word, understand the use and application of the word. One could also be given exercises in which one would need to form sentences or phrases which use the newly learnt words.

Usually, in structured English reading sessions in classes, to test the English reading comprehension of students, exercises or questions are usually framed based on the article which is given for reading. These exercises test the comprehension skills of students and augments the understanding of English texts. Students can use these exercises to further their understanding of the English reading materials and learn to appreciate style of writing, the essence of a text and so forth.

English reading skills help greatly to develop English writing skills. As one becomes more familiar with English texts and phrases, their uses and learn new words, one can incorporate these learning’s in their writing. Writing skill is required to be successful in studies and professional workplaces as well. Business correspondence is a great part of one’s professional life and hence, competent writing skills will help further one’s professional success.

Thus, English reading and English reading comprehension needs to be developed along with spoken English skills to develop English language competency as a whole.

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