English Speaking and Personality Development

English speaking and personality development skills almost always go hand in hand. Those who need to improve English speaking skills are usually residents of countries which are not native English speaking. In such countries, such as India, there are various regional languages which exist in the different states and state level schools usually use the national language or regional languages as their mode of instruction. English is usually taught in such schools as a second or third language and hence, children and young adults emerging from such school systems remain deficient in spoken English skills.

Later on, when such children or young adults aspire for higher education in English language or for jobs in English speaking work environment, they face dilemmas being able to communicate effectively. This in turn, reduces their confidence and hence, creates hindrance in personality development of such persons.

English Speaking and Personality Development Many Indians of the former generation have managed to go through life with the deficiencies in their spoken English skills. However, the present generation is better equipped in spoken English skills, especially those who live in the urban cities. But those from suburbs and small towns who seek higher education in English medium or who seek jobs in MNCs and global companies, need to go through courses in English speaking and personality development.

There are several courses available, both online and offline, which aim at helping individuals develop their English speaking skills and develop their personalities in the process. Having the confidence and improving English speaking goes a long way in providing confidence to participants and with some guidance in social etiquettes, presentation skills and so forth, participants can be groomed effectively for corporate life.

Courses which focus on English speaking and personality development have intertwined modules for teaching both aspects. While the language aspect is taken care of in the beginning, verbal exercises are stressed upon to help participants gain confidence in speaking English fluently. Then, corporate etiquettes, norms are stressed upon both in verbal and non verbal communication. Body language, presentation skills, verbal and non verbal, conflict resolution make up a big part of the personality development courses.

There are also online courses available which provide valuable guidance and tips on improving one’s spoken English and building one’s personality. More effective online courses are those which provide live audio visual aids in teaching English and tips on personality development. You can weigh the pros and cons of offline and online courses and choose whichever suits you best.

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