English Speaking Video and Audio CDs and DVDs

There are several English Speaking Video and Audio CDs and DVDs which are nowadays available in the market. Along with other international languages such as French, Spanish and so forth, English is also widely required by aspiring students and professionals in non native English speaking countries.

Accent Reduction Made Easy and American Accent Training are amongst the top selling audio materials which aim to teach standard American English. The first book emphasizes on teaching the correct pronunciation of words and reduction of regional accents and poor spoken English skills. Both English speaking audio materials stress on proper pronunciation, grammar and oratory skills in standard American English.

There are a series of English speaking audio cds made for French nationals who need to learn English. These cds are designed to teach you English while you are traveling to and from work. Apprendre en Voiture Anglais – NIVEAU DEUX, Apprendre en Voiture Anglais – NIVEAU TROIS are two audio cds from this series.

English Speaking Video and Audio CDs and DVDs Similarly, there are several other English speaking audio for German, Spanish inhabitants to learn English. Amongst the English speaking audio cds available for non native English speaking people across the world, there are several options. For instance, Dynamic Vocabulary CDs are those which stress on developing one’s English vocabulary, Easy English – CDs comes with a book as well as listening audio material while Easy Pronunciation claims to be an easy and effective program designed to improve one’s pronunciation and remove regional accents.

Nowadays, English speaking audio in the format of mp3s are also available over the internet.

Amongst the English speaking video materials which are available, there are various choices. Bilingual Baby English – VHS is designed for babies whose native language is different to become acquainted with English at an early stage.

Connect with English – DVDs is a series of DVDs which attempt to motivate non English students to learn English by telling stories.

English in Everyday Life – DVD plus Book is great English speaking video which helps one to see and hear everyday life situations and how English is spoken in every situation. Similarly, English in the Workplace – DVD plus Book helps one to learn the English that is spoken in the workplace everyday.

There are other English speaking videos for Spanish, French nationals and others to learn the English language. Thus, videos and audios are powerful tools in teaching a language and they can be used effectively in tutorials or as self help educational materials.

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