English Vocabulary Test

English vocabulary tests are numerous and can be at different levels of difficulty. These are designed to test the vocabulary of individuals and English learning students. While English vocabulary tests have been taken by all in school, the tests for native English speaking nationals opposed to ESL or English as second language students is different.

English vocabulary is like a vast sea; even for native English speaking people, the vocabulary could only be limited to the words one normally uses in schools or offices and what one hears around them. The vocabulary in English of academicians who research or study English will be superior to ordinary English speaking citizens and ESL students.

Thus, the level of proficiency in English speaking vocabulary could differ amongst native and non native English speaking people and to bring about a standard as per the requirements in college education across the world, there are various English vocabulary tests designed to test the English vocabulary skills of applicants.

English Vocabulary Test SAT or scholastic Aptitude Test is the common admission test for college education in the United States. This test consists of several sections for assessment which include mathematics, critical reading and English sections. The English vocabulary test is an important section in this test and many foreign students aspiring for college admission in the US through CAT scores, need to do well in this section. For this, many tutorials are available, both online and offline, which provide SAT preparatory classes.

GMAT is a common admission test for those who aspire for higher education in management studies. This test, similar to SAT, also has comprehensive English tests which include test of English vocabulary as well. English speaking vocabulary are also required to be exhibited by students who appear for college admission interviews after getting their GMAT scores.

GRE or graduate record examination is a common test which is a requirement for admission in several graduate schools in the US and other English speaking countries. This examination involves a verbal section, quantitative section and an experimental section. The verbal section tests the English vocabulary and comprehension skills of students who aspire for admission in the graduate schools.

TOEFL or test of English as foreign language is another test which is targeted on the English language capabilities of students. The TOEFL scores are usually referred to during school and college admissions abroad.

Thus, English vocabulary tests are an important criteria in almost all international level examinations.

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