How to Start Learning English Speaking

If you are wondering how to start learning English speaking, then you would do well to keep some pointers in mind. Whether you enroll in a spoken English course or learn English online through online tutorials, any guidance will be incomplete without practical application.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • When you start to learn a language as a spoken skill more than a literary one, throw away the grammar book please. While the knowledge of English language grammar is must to know the language, learn it and write it, if you are looking for a spoken English course, you do not need grammar rules to confuse you. Those who are native English speakers will know less than 20% of the English grammar rules than those who study English as a second or third language.
  • How to Start Learning English Speaking Do not put stress on learning words and building your vocabulary when you want to be proficient in spoken English. Building your vocabulary of words will not help you construct sentences and you will struggle to put them in sentences in the right way. Whereas, if you learn phrases, you could use a single phrase to make up several sentences using two or more of the words, juggling them around and so on.
  • There is no alternative to oral practice. You may surround yourself with English reading materials, spoken English audio visual online courses, but unless you practice saying those phrases in context of everyday situations, you will not be able to master the language.
  • You may practice your spoken English skills with a fellow student, but this increases the chances of learning or saying a phrase incorrectly which again will need to be redone. Thus, bank on your teacher or a native English person to learn from in practice. These people will be able to guide you when you go wrong.
  • Do not try to interpret your mother tongue or regional language into English. The way English sentences are constructed may be very different in another language. Hence, steer clear of practicing by interpreting another language into English. That will not give you effective training and will lead you away from learning the right way to speak English.

Thus, these pointers should help you decide what to stress upon and what not to while starting to learn spoken English. Since there is no substitute for learning a language more than surrounding yourself with people who speak that language, media in that language and so forth, practicing spoken English is the only way you will ever master this language as any other.

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