Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and PhrasesIdioms and phrases and their use in the English language is widespread. Those who want to master the English language need to know the various idioms which are commonly used and their meanings.

Idioms are usually small phrases of words which do not mean what the words literally mean. The phrase usually, in the light of the whole article, has a figurative meaning. For instance, “kick the bucket” is a common idiom which signifies someone’s death if used as an idiom. If used as a regular phrase, it could actually mean what the words signify. Hence, idioms are interpreted as their use in a sentence:

As an idiom: Father Henry kicked the bucket yesterday. He was eighty years old.

As a regular phrase: The small boy kicked the bucket of water in frustration.

Thus, it is very important to learn about idioms and how phrases of words can act as an idiom in some text and can have a literal meaning in an another.

Some examples of idioms and meanings of them need to be known since any English conversation can include any of them. A sample idioms list is provided below:

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Meaning: it is better to appreciate what you have than wishing for something that you don’t.

A Blessing In Disguise

Meaning: Something good that happens which is not seen in the true light initially.

Beating Around The Bush

Meaning: avoiding the main point of discussion

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Meaning: being too curious about something could lead you into a potentially dangerous situation.

Dark Horse

Meaning: Someone who was not known and has suddenly appeared in the scene.

It is important to understand the difference between idioms and phrases. While phrases are parts of a sentence with literal meanings, when such a phrase is used in a certain figurative manner in a sentence, it becomes an idiom.

For those who are learning spoken English, it is important to read up idioms and their common uses in the English language. By learning abut them and being able to use them in your English conversations, one will be able to increase one’s vocabulary of English phrases and their varied uses.

Idioms and meanings of them are usually taught at school level language class and their verbal uses are stressed upon in spoken English tutorials for those who want to be fluent in English speaking.

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