Phonics is a way of teaching how to read and write words based on how they sound. This is a popular way of teaching kindergarten children English reading and writing. Many people assert that this is an efficient way of learning o read and write English, especially for those children who are born native English speaking. Since they hear words and learn to say them before they can recognize letters and form words, linking spelling of words to the sounds which are already familiar to them is an easy what to teach primary level reading and writing.

Thus, there are many primary schools and institutes which are hooked on phonics as a method to teach reading and writing skills to children. Children usually start learning to read and write around the age of 5 or 6 and at this, time learning is made fun and easy by the use of phonics.

Phonics Hooked on phonics is also the name of a chapter in a website which is dedicated to helping teachers and parents guide their children in learning to read the phonics way. The main philosophy is that, learning to read may prove difficult and frustrating which might lead to children refusing to study further; by using the phonics way, learning can be made interactive and fun; sounds of letters and similar sounding words can be put together to help them relate letters an spellings of words.

Teaching children to read and learn words usually starts off with teaching the alphabets. Just like alphabets are taught with pictures of objects starting with that letter, learning of words the phonics way can also be made fun and illustrative. After alphabets, their sounds and the use of vowels are introduced, teachers using the phonics way can start teaching composite words such as those beginning with “ch”. The sound of “ch” is emphasized by the use of known objects beginning with these letters such as chocolate, chart, chair and so on. Since phonics help children to relate words to familiar sounds, they can pick up on recognizing the words more easily and moving on to learning spellings which is a bigger challenge for them.

There are various websites on the internet which are dedicated to phonics. From understanding the phonics methodology, describing how parents and teachers can use it to teach children, there are also free phonics worksheets available which can act as effective teaching tools.

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