Proverbs are common English saying which are metaphorical in nature. These sayings have usually come down in the English language as an influence from other cultures, influences from the Bible and Latin words.

English proverbs are an inherent part of the English language. These usually have different meanings which are appropriately used in different situations. When one is learning to speak the English language, one needs to know proverbs and their appropriate uses.

Some common English proverbs and their meanings are listed below:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Proverbs Meaning: long absence can make one long for someone or something more.

All’s well that ends well

Meaning: when the conclusion of an event or situation goes well, it usually justifies the methods followed to achieve the end.

Where there is a will, there is a way

Meaning: if one is determined then all obstacles can be overcome.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away

Meaning: healthy eating habits should be inculcated.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Meaning: different people can have different taste in music, friends, hobbies, food, etc..

All roads lead to Rome

Meaning: there may be different ways of doing something but the edn result will be the same.

No pain, no gain

Meaning: unless you word hard at something and maybe suffer a little, you will not achieve much.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Meaning: be happy with what you have than craving for something you don’t.

A stitch in time saves nine

Meaning: if you fix a problem in time, then it will not need elaborate measures later on.

Hence, such phrases can be inculcated in English conversations and sentences. For instance, if you want to say that similar minded people become friends, you can say “Birds of a feather flock together”. Or you could even say “Like minds think alike”.

Then again, if you want to emphasize the frank nature of a person, you could say “Call a spade a spade”.

In such ways, proverbs can be effectively used in spoken English. For those who are learning spoken English, they will need some practice in incorporating proverbs in their English conversations. With practice and guidance of instructors, one can learn to incorporate proverbs in their speeches and enrich their English conversations.

Thus, proverbs are an important aspect of the English language which need to be mastered well in English speaking skills.

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