Telephone Conversation

Telephone conversation in English is a great way to practice English speaking. For those who face deficiency in English speaking skills, they need to have persistent practice in spoken English. Spoken English classes are usually for those who are not native English speaking and have problem speaking in English fluently.

This usually stems from primary education levels. Fro those who study in schools whereby English is not the medium of instruction and is taught as a second or even third language, such students remain deficient in speaking English fluently. Unless such young children are surrounded by native English speaking individuals at home or as friends, they do not find adequate opportunity to exercise their English speaking skills and the bookish learning in school remain inadequate.

Telephone Conversation The only way to improve one’s spoken English is by having conversations at home, with friends, at workplaces in English. Telephone conversation in English can also be a great way to develop one’s English speaking skills. When talking over a telephone, since the face to face interaction is absent, one needs to listen closely to the voice on the other end and reply accordingly. Telephone conversations usually involve saying of certain common phrases or sentences which are outlined below:

On receiving a telephone call, one needs to say “Hello” to initiate the conversation. After that, one needs to listen to the voice on the other end. In certain cases, one needs to introduce oneself or one’s organization, in case of official lines: “This is Susan on the other end”. “Dr Foster’s office”.

If the person on the other end is unclear, one can ask the person to speak up, speak more slowly, repeat again in a polite manner. “Can you say that again please?” “Could you speak up a bit please?” and so forth.

When a conversation ensues and the other person is talking on the other end, you would need to show signs of agreement or confirmation from time to time such as – “I know what you mean”, “I understand”, “Yes” and so forth.

Telephone conversations need to be ended in a polite manner and not abruptly since the other person cannot see you on the other end and hence, the signs of goodbye which are usually enough in face to face interactions cannot be applied to telephone conversations.

“please call again”, “will speak to you soon” are some common phrases which are used to end telephone conversations.

Thus, telephone conversation in English is a great way to augment one’s spoken English skills.

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