Top Spoken English Books

What are the top spoken English books in the language market? Well, there are several, given the fact that English is an international language that nationals of different countries aim to master. From teaching grammar rules to American English, there are books for every kind of need. Spoken English pronunciation, grammar, learning American English are some of the more popular books which are found in the market. Given the BPO industry in a country like India, it is small wonder that the top spoken English books are on learning American slang and saying it the American way in India.

1500 Words in 15 Minutes a Day aims to provide a crash course in building one’s English vocabulary. This book provides a day to day plan for learning new words in 15 minutes per day. Packed with pronunciation tips, exercises and comprehension worksheets, this book provides lessons for building one’s vocabulary for success in school, office or even at a cocktail party.

Top Spoken English Books American Business English is an ESL guide for people who learn English as a second language and are opting for work in north America. This book provides comprehensive lessons in the various aspects of businesses such as human resource, marketing, PR, finance and others. It provides formats for formal business correspondence as well as for job applications, resume writing and so forth.

American Idioms And Some Phrases and American Idioms Dictionary are guides for learning informal American English by students of English as a second language or ESL. These books are fun to go through and to become familiar with the phrases and idioms in the everyday life situations in America.

American Slang Dictionary is a comprehensive reference guide to Nonstandard Usage, Colloquialisms, Popular Jargon, and Vulgarisms. These books are especially needed to be mastered by BPO employees who work as backend or customer support for American companies and need to be conversant with the American style of speaking and vocabulary.

Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day promises to help build one’s English vocabulary to help improve one’s spoken English and writing skills.

Biscuit – Phonics Fun is a series of 12 books which are designed to help children learn to read. Simple, illustrated stories and vowel sounds are designed to familiarize children with words and their spellings.

Besides these, there are several spoken English books for Spanish, German or French nationals. Many free spoken English e-books are also available over the internet.

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