Traveling English

Traveling English is all about conversations that one needs to have at the various steps of traveling within one’s country or abroad. Even in non native English speaking countries like India, nowadays English is widely used at airports, hotels, tourist offices and so forth. Hence, being conversant in spoken English for traveling is an asset wherever you go, within your country or abroad.

When you travel, there are various places where you need to be and the type of travel English conversations or queries that you may have are different. Being geared up for them from before will go a long way of building your confidence while traveling, especially if you are traveling alone.

For instance, usually the first stop for those who are traveling to international destinations is the airport. At the airport, there might be several interactions that you might need to have with others in English. Some common dialogues that can ensue are as follows:

Traveling English Looking for the check in desk: Excuse me, can you direct me to the check in desk for Lufthansa please?

At the check in desk: Initial greeting of good morning/evening as applicable. Providing your tickets, passport and other papers. When asked for seat and meal preferences you may say: I would like a window seat please. Non veg Hindu meal would be fine.

After check in, you may need to ask for directions to the security check, departure lounge and so on.

In the flight, you may need assistance with your luggage: Could you help me put up my bag please?

You may also have small talk with your co passenger during the flight. Asking about where he or she is traveling, where they are staying, their profession, etc. are usually common topics to discuss.

Once at the destination, you may again need clarity regarding immigration. When asked any question at the immigration desk, be sure to speak slowly, look at the person in the eye and say your answer with confidence. Remember, they might not be that conversant with English and hence, you need to communicate your words clearly.

Once you are through with airport formalities, you may look forward to the rest of your trip with confidence. However, exercise caution when boarding a taxi service; it is better to take pre paid cab service; then again, you need to reach your hotel or make reservations at a suitable one. Book your sightseeing tours or find your oversees office if you have gone on work. As you spend more days traveling and interacting with strangers, your spoken English for traveling and your confidence will both improve.

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